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In private sessions with Eric, experience the benefits of:

Deep Tissue Massage


Assisted Stretching

Body Work 


E-Centric Contractions

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"When you touch one thing with

deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

About Eric 

My name is Eric.  I'm a proud father of two wonderful children, Miles and Meteora.  We live in the best city in the world, Portland, Oregon.


I received a Bachelor's degree in Bio-Geography from U.C.L.A. and a Master's degree in Education from Lewis & Clark here in Oregon.


My story is unique in that I was born with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy and despite its challenges, led an active life.  When I was in my early 30s, I was introduced to a type of stretching and bodywork that changed my body in ways the medical community said wasn't possible. 


After what was a very emotional decision for me, I left teaching Science and Mathematics at the High School-level to pursue the study of a revolutionary healing work originated by Bob Cooley (the internationally renowned expert on Biomechanical Flexibility). 


The key is resistance stretching and deep fascia release that cleans tissues, removes toxins and restores proper alignment in the body.  I have been a licensed massage therapist for seven (7) years and have extensive training in many modalities. I have conducted 1,000s of private one-on-one sessions with clients around the country and, most recently, started leading group classes on Breathwork and Resistance-Stretching as a way to reach more people.  


The limited range of motion and the breakdown in our posture as we get older can affect our lives in important ways.  Once we take the pain out of our muscles, strengthen and realign our systems, we create ease, flow, and enhanced performance in our bodies.  


I am continually humbled by peoples' openness in allowing me to share one of the greatest miracles of my life, finding this work.  I feel grateful everyday to see people experience freedom from pain they have been struggling with for years, improve their overall health and well-being, as well as, bring more joy into their lives. 



Mental-Emotional Connection

"I have had double benefits from the work--physical and emotional.  Both have moved me to a better place. It is a very different type of technique but I would encourage anyone to try it.  Regardless of your situation, I am confident that two to three sessions will make a big difference." 

Bill Saunders, 63 

Former Executive & Avid Runner

Athletic Performance

"Eric, I ran 50 miles this weekend and nothing feels tweaked! I was able to run better as the days progressed so that is awesome! I for sure left your office feeling a ton more confident I could run this weekend, thanks for that. I think you for sure contributed to an awesome weekend."


Dana Katz

Running Coach

Chronic Pain and Posture

"After my session with Eric I could feel an immediate difference in the way I walked and stood. I felt more stable and free in my body than I had since I was a little girl. Eric suggested a walk after to get the body moving more. My "walk" with my sister ended in us getting lost and traveling 9 1/2 miles!!! During this little trek not once did my hips lock up. I didn't have any pain or numbness in my back or my toes. I thought for sure I would be broken the next day. I could not have been more wrong:  the next day I felt great! I found the effects lasted for over a month! ( JUST FROM ONE SESSION!)"


Louise Botteril,

Hair Stylist & Yoga Teacher


Locations and Schedules


With reopening, I take your

health seriously. Both practitioner 

and client wear masks and

air is purified with a medical grade

hepa filter. 

I am working at common ground.

Feel free to book there or

directly through me.

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