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Please Read My Testimonials


Working with Eric for the first time was absolutely amazing. Being a strength athlete I often suffer from a tight posterior chain resulting in my inability to squat comfortably especially with weight overhead. In one session Eric was able to help me establish an incredible mind body connection, help me breathe through his intense but highly effective massage techniques and stretches, and completely free up my body for squats. One of the best parts of his work is that it is so long lasting. Even months down the line, the work he did on me and the stretches he has shown me have enabled me to continue my strength work and I have set new records on all my lifts and runs. I can honestly say I have never felt more mobile or comfortable with my body after seeing him and can't wait to do more work with him.   

-Jeremy Curry, personal trainer, Portland, OR.



After trying several sessions of Massage therapy, acupuncture and physiotherapy my neck injury was still painful and limiting movement.  Eric helped me to heal my neck in only two sessions!!!.  I couldn't believe it. When he explained the type of therapy he does and said he had to walk on me, I thought that wasn't gonna work, but I was curious to try because a friend recommended Eric. To my surprIse Eric didn't actually  work on my neck but he asked me to trust. 5 Days after my second session the pain in my neck dissapeared and now my neck is healthy and strong again.


Eric's therapy also has a good effect on emotions.  At the beginning it may feel like something weird happened but a day later things start switching nicely!


Thank you Eric :) 


Laura Guzman, Vancouver, BC



I am over 60 and a runner.  I enjoy running marathons.  I have always enjoyed massage so when I met Eric on an airplane ride and he told me of this new approach, I decided to give it a try.  It is really quite unbelievable.  I had reached a point where I struggled with plantar fasciitis after running several miles.  This massage process has removed the problem and increased my flexibility. I am more limber, have better balance and it has really improved my running.   What surprised me is that it also has affected me emotionally.  I had some difficult experiences including some abuse as a child.  Eric was working on me one day and I realized that I was getting really angry.  I couldn't figure out why.  It took some time but the emotions came to the surface and I realized that it was childhood emotions that I had somehow buried in my body.  I have had multiple experiences now where this has occurred.  Buried emotions have come to the surface through the work that he does.  


I have had double benefits from the work--physical and emotional.  Both have moved me to a better place.  It is a very different type of technique but I would encourage anyone to try it.  Regardless of your situation, I am confident that two to three sessions will make a big difference.  Try it more than once.  While I left feeling much better after the first session physically (and with exercises to do on my own), the real break throughs started for me with about the 3rd session.  


I highly recommend him.


Bill Saunders, McMinnville, OR



I have had six sessions with Eric and each one is better than the previous. Eric is a talented and skilled massage therapist. His additional training with True Body Intelligence is what sets his practice apart.  Eric has a keen sense for diagnosing and treating his clients. I have been active all my life, running, dancing, biking and teaching elementary P.E. for 30 years. The end result is muscle imbalance. Working with Eric to bring into balance my physiology so that I can continue to experience joyful and unrestricted movement is my goal. Eric has a treasure of exercises as "homework" to augment the treatment he performs.  His sessions are radically different from traditional massage in that he uses a combination of concentric and eccentric stretches to achieve maximum and safe stretches for the muscle tissue.  He achieves this, in part, by using his feet to manipulate muscle groups.  It would be impossible to truly describe a session with Eric without using terms like amazing, healing, transformative and possibly bordering on magic.  I have signed up for another ten sessions with Eric.  Give Eric a try and give yourself the opportunity and gift of healing.  

Paula Conley Moore, Retired Physical Education Teacher, Lake Oswego, Oregon



Eric, I ran 50 miles this weekend and nothing feels tweaked! I was able to run better as the days progressed so that is awesome! I for sure left your office feeling a ton more confident I could run this weekend, thanks for that. I think you for sure contributed to an awesome weekend. 

Dana Katz, Ultrarunner and Running Coach.  Portland, OR



I am an entrepreneur in the fashion, design and tech space. I exercise most days from running, yoga, surfing, cross training and swimming and my body was feeling extremely fatigued. I was tight and sore and felt my physical performance was lagging. I haven’t found traditional body work to be effective and was looking for an alternative. After my first session with Eric I felt a lightness in my body. Everything seemed to reconnect and function so much more efficiently. I also felt a new level of clarity in my mind and emotionally I was more secure. I can definitely say this form of body work has provided more positive results than anything else I have experienced.   

Andrew Pollard - Los Angeles - Entrepreneur 



As a Kona Ironman triathlete, I've experienced quite a few flavors of bodywork and massage, and was super curious about Eric's approach and the efficacy of his techniques. I was more than pleasantly surprised; I was amazed! I've never experienced such a concise, full-body, and guided exertion with such good effects. It's 1/3 stretch session, 1/3 deep tissue sports massage, and 1/3 greco roman wrestling... and 100% effective! If you are looking for something unique, new, potentially highly effective, and want incredible workout, stretch session, and massage all in one, don't miss giving this a try. 

Scott Star, Triathlete, Saratoga Springs, New York



When I came to see Eric, I was looking for physical and emotional release in my body. After a car accident over three years ago, (that left me with nerve damage between L5 and S1 and a tear between C5 and C6), I was looking for something that would have a lasting effect on my body. I opted away from surgery and have had tons of different body work done. At the time I went to see Eric I was also recovering from a lot of emotional trauma and heartbreak.

After my session with Eric I could feel an immediate difference in the way I walked and stood. I felt more stable and free in my body than I had since I was a little girl. Eric suggested a walk after to get the body moving more. My "walk" with my sister ended in us getting lost and traveling 9 1/2 miles!!! During this little trek not once did my hips lock up. I didn't have any pain or numbness in my back or my toes. I thought for sure I would be broken the next day. I could not have been more wrong:  the next day I felt great! I found the effects lasted for over a month! ( JUST FROM ONE SESSION!)

During the session Eric was very kind and I found him to be very intuitive and easy to talk to. Creating a safe space for me to feel like I could fully surrender to the release that was happening.


Louise Botteril, hair stylist & yoga teacher, Portland, OR


I cannot say enough great things about the bodywork of Eric Fair-Layman. I started seeing Eric in late Dec 2015 as part of my rehab from a calf injury sustained training for an ultramarathon, the root cause of which was extremely tight hamstrings putting added stress on gastroc. Eric's deep release techniques (literally walking on my hamstrings/calves) were like nothing I'd ever seen and while the first session hurt like hell (he likened it to slack lining on my hamstrings), I began to see immediate results in my range of motion, flexibility and releasing of the tension on my gastroc and knee in general. After a 6-week layoff and regular treatment from Eric (as well as Dr. Montserrat) I was back on the trails feeling stronger than ever. I've continued to see Eric 1-2 times per month as ongoing bodywork and both his in-clinic treatments and at-home stretches/exercises he shows me are fantastic and working wonders for me. If you're looking for a massage that delivers results, go see Eric. It will hurt, it will not be "fun" and it will work!

Jared Rose - Desk jockey and trail runner; Portland, Oregon



I'm fairly aware of and connected to my body but it became (painfully) clear that I had a lot of pain I needed to release. I'm a relationship coach and yoga teacher so I thought I had things figured out. I came to Eric for what I thought would be a run of the mill massage. Eric's gifts as a massage therapist and facilitator of breath work changed my life. I harbored a lot of pain in my body and thanks to Eric's work, I realized I needed to move my body more to release chronic conditions I had become used to experiencing (back and hip pain). Not only did my hip pain disappear in only 2 sessions, I experienced profound emotional release of pent up trauma. Eric created a safe space for me to be vulnerable and to release what was no longer serving me. This is especially important for me because I wouldn't be able to run my business and serve my clients if I had not released my own pain. I highly recommend Eric.

Sophia Treyger, Sex & Intimacy Coach, Portland, OR



Like many Vancouverites, I commute to work by bike. Although it is a great way to incorporate exercise into my daily routine, I started developing big uncomfortable knots in my hamstrings, which also impacted my running. My first "massage" by Eric had such a profound effect that I now have an appointment every time he comes to Vancouver. Not only do my legs immediately feel better every time, I am more flexible than I've been in 20 years.  I highly recommend Eric.


Dr. Scott Stanners, Director of Business Development, Technology & Innovation, Vancouver, BC



Boy, do I feel lucky having found Eric as a bodywork practitioner!  Two years ago, at the age of 48, I was engaged in a transformation though bodybuilding and diet.  Several times a week I trained until it was sometimes difficult to sit the next day.  My muscles and body were tight and bound.  Additionally, after an accidental fall, I was left with pain and limited mobility in my neck.  After one session with Eric, I felt better than I had in a year, both mentally and physically.  

During the session Eric had me get up and walk several times.  Through the deep and sometimes painful work he did on my legs, I could feel things shift, not only in my legs, but also in other parts of my body.  After several sessions my hips were looser, my gait was different and I was way stronger with lifting.  Cardio endurance improved.  Oddly, without ever touching my neck, the mobility in my neck improved.  This was after trying a multitude of other modalities to improve my neck.  Where before when I stood or hiked for an hour I would have lower back issues, I found I could seemingly go indefinitely with little or no pain.  This was not like a normal massage where it wears off the next day.  This was lasting change.

I also have had the privilege to engage in somato-emotional release and breathwork with Eric. The people in the office where he used to practice laugh because I refer to it as a “massage lobotomy.”  Again, going through this is not for the faint of heart, but the results far outweigh any discomfort.  Through this work with Eric, I was able to feel lighter in general and lift depression due to various childhood traumas.  Recently, while I was going through a divorce, I developed anxiety for the first time in my life.  The raciness did not dissipate 24 hours/day for over a month and it was horrible.   After one breathwork session with Eric, the anxiety went from a 10 to a 2 and I was able to feel calm and rest.  

I can’t say enough good things about Eric and the innovative work that he does to help people transform physically and mentally.  He is truly a gift and we are lucky to have him in Portland.  

Denise Dodson, Lawyer and Mediator, Portland, OR.


I am a former division 1 athlete who was experiencing pain due to multiple authors brought on by injury. After a few sessions with Eric I noticed a drop in my level of pain and discomfort. Not only did I feel better, I was also able to perform at a higher level during my workouts at the gym. But perhaps the biggest benefit I've experienced is the emotional release. It was certainly unexpected but very welcome. With the toxins leaving my body I was able gather my thoughts and deal with some long standing issues which needed to be addressed. I attribute this to not only the massage but Eric's ability to cultivate a serene atmosphere where you are able to push yourself both mentally and physically. I highly recommend Eric and his work!

Joshua Parish, Portland, OR

sue 2014 photo.jpg


Hi.  My name is Sue Davis. I live in Portland, Oregon and I recently retired from a 30 year career in biofeedback and mental health therapy.  For most of that time I was working 10 hour days where I mostly was sitting, talking and listening to clients, and sitting while putting chart notes into the computer.  As I got older, I began to do no other exercise on my work days other than walk the dog in the morning, I was out of steam! I was very active on the weekends, but began to feel significant physical limitations in spite of that. 

A good friend encouraged me to do Eric’s exercise class series which I did last May and then I did the exercises several times/week for about 3 months.  I found they really improved my flexibility and sense of physical grounding.  Over time, I have had 4 visits with Eric in 8 months, and have experienced significant improvement in flexibility and muscle strength.  For me the most happiest outcome that has brought me great joy in life again has been the reduction of pain in my toe beds. Foot pain has been present for me since my late teens. In my 20’s both feet were operated on.  Eventually, scar tissue began to build at the surgery sites.  Three years ago I couldn’t take a 2 mile flat hike around one of our local lakes because of the pain.  I had a surgery two years ago, worked with gifted acupuncturists and chiropractors, and all have helped with the pain, but not significantly.  In our sessions together, Eric walked on my feet in addition to his other ‘mashing’ and that really did it for me-scar tissue and blocked energy gone!!  Now I can hike again. Truly transformative.  The exercises remain a ‘go to’ for me, 2-3 times per week for all of them and daily for three of them, while the coffee is brewing.  I highly recommend Eric’s work, his sincerity, and commitment to his clients’ welfare and commitment to increasing his own skills in his work.  Plus, he has a great sense of humor!! 

Sue Davis, retired therapist, Portland, OR



I am a yoga teacher and tarot reader and consider myself well-versed in the movement of energy, the mind-body connection and healing emotionally through physical activity. I’ve utilized many different healing modalities on my personal quest to becoming more whole spiritually and creating balance in my body and life. When I came to an intro to TBI class with Eric, I had no idea what to expect. I figured at the very least, I would have some more stretches to add to my healing routine. I got so much more.  Put simply--I was floored by the experience that Eric offered. Through the stretches and massage, the pain I was having in my GI tract that had me not eating for entire days was lessening and my body felt stronger. By just the second day of stretch class I was feeling more like my bold and vibrant self--something I hadn’t felt in a long time. Continuing the stretches on a daily basis, I am experiencing emotional releases and am uncovering buried traumas that I haven’t been able to access as completely or effectively with other modalities. I find the stretches give me the integration and release that acupuncture does, but with TBI I am a crucial part of the process. This is empowering and more satisfying to me. Each day, my stretches bring me a new insight into myself or my interactions with others. This practice is bringing together everything I know about healing and energy and helping me focus and hone it. I feel more powerful, more completely in my body and more ready to manifest something worthwhile and meaningful in my daily life. It truly has been an amazing experience.

Even more fulfilling than TBI, is working with Eric himself. He’s intuitive and knowledgeable and has an easy way of speaking plainly about even the tough and painful stuff. He’s an exceptional guide! Because he is gentle and available, it is easy to be raw and vulnerable with him. And because he is resolute and dynamic, it is a given that you will rise to the challenges your body presents to you with vitality and strength.  ​

​Nicolina Miller, Vashon Island, WA



I've never had great posture and I've always known my flexibility was pretty awful, especially in my legs. I didn't realize that the two were connected until I had a session with Eric. Literally, after only a half a session (I stood up in the middle of the session) I immediately noticed a difference in my was like I had a new back, all from him treating my legs. It was hard to believe how different it felt.

Brian Elliot, New York, NY


Eric's technique has helped me significantly reduce lower back pain, walk straighter, and notice a better sense of physical balance, as well as mental balance. All after 1 session! 


Anthony Madani, Film Entrepreneur, Vancouver, BC


I was referred to Eric by a friend after I injured my lower back at the gym.  One of my favorite things about Eric was that he took the time to talk to me before working on me.  He asked about my physical history and asked a lot of questions about my symptoms.  He spent a total of 90 minutes with me.  Eric explained what he was doing, which I found very comforting.  He would work on me for awhile and then have me stand up and walk around to see how I was feeling and how the treatment was affecting me.  By checking in with me like that, Eric was able to adjust the treatment as necessary.  He even taught me to do some exercises at home that have made me stronger and less likely to get injured again.  Eric is a great practitioner and all around sweet person too.  I highly recommend him. 

Clare Gravendale, Portland, OR



Eric's approach to body work is relaxed and affable, simple and yet challenging. He offers total body

interventions that are straight forward with adequate explanation and demonstration. His interventions are emotionally and physically challenging, but he provided proper support and communication during our session. I brought sciatic pain on my left side to our first session. He supported my physical limitations while also helping me find my edge. He left me with practice exercises to continue to work on my own which were easy to include in my day. The reduction in my daily and weekly sciatic pain has greatly diminished. Most days it's no longer noticeable and, on the days that the discomfort comes back, it's a reminder to get back to using the exercises he left me with. Eric's services are highly recommended!  


Stephen S-P, Shell Beach, CA



Working with Eric is great!  His technique meets you where you are, and can take you gently into deep into where your problems are and work them out...that day!  I am also applying his stretches which have been key to me experiencing less pain, and more range of motion.  I will continue to work with him, and recommend him.


Anthony Ames, New York, NY and Vancouver, BC



Eric is a gifted and very intuitive healer doing life changing work.  He brings his whole heart and soul to the session. My first session with Eric was remarkable.  Not only did I experience deep shifts in how I felt physically but also immediate emotional releases that made me feel balanced, connected and got me back in my body...I felt alive and in the flow!!!. and this lasted for days. His work is truly a gift and works as a preventive and healing tool in my life to help me manage my stress.  Eric is instrumental to me feeling grounded and centered so I can continue to show up big in my life!  So grateful. 

Britta Aragon, Creator/Founder CV Skinlabs



Last week I had the incredible fortune to have a True Body Intelligence session with Eric Fair-Layman in NE Portland. It was one of the most memorable massages I've ever had.  It was more like a journey.  If you've never worked with him, I recommend him, highly.  I'm still integrating and thinking about the session almost a week later.  He's also a involved in all sorts of interesting personal growth work which played into the session.  Worth a visit for sure!


Albert Kaufman, Networker, musician, activist, & resident of Portland, OR

Thanks for that wonderful massage my friend. Your understanding of the body is great. I am feeling great after the session and hoping to be able to do a next session when you come to Guate!

Juanma Bonifasi, entrepreneur, Guatemala City, Guatemala



I've had chronic pain and stiffness throughout my body for years as a result of a hip misalignment and have done many forms of body work -- massage, rolfing, acupuncture, yoga, reiki, etc. My first session with Eric was easily one of the most therapeutic experiences I've ever had. His work goes really deep into the tissues is very unique and effective -- I noticed a dramatic difference right away in how my body felt. I only wish I lived closer to him so I could see him more often!

Audrey McIntyre, San Francisco, CA



For months I had shoulder pain that I could not alleviate.  After a friend of mine told me what an amazing experience she had working with Eric, I decided to give him a try.  When I originally contacted him, he was immediately responsive and saw me despite a full schedule.  Admittedly, I was unsure what to expect having never experienced his modality of body work.  My first impression of Eric was one of sincere kindness, compassion, and empathy.  During my first session we worked through some physical barriers which over time I came to realize were a manifestation of some deeper emotional blocks.  I am not one to be open with people I have just met, or comfortable being my true raw self, but Eric has allowed me to trust.  He has provided a safe space to heal.  I have seen many beautiful results (both physical and emotional) and feel that his healing spirit has truly served me.

Sarah Kashdan, Medical Student, Portland, Oregon

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